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Friday, March 01, 2024

How Do I Get God To Do What I Want?

Sorry, you have it backward. God is trying to get you to do what He wants, because His way is perfect, and yours is obviously not.

PSALM 18:30 NKJ 30 As for God, His way is perfect; The word of the LORD is proven; He is a shield to all who trust in Him.

You don't need to get God to do anything. God knows what to do. You are the one who does not know what to do.

Imagine a two year old child telling his parents what they should be doing. It is even more crazy to think we know more than God about what is best for us, and that we need to tell Him what to do.

This attitude indicates immaturity.

If we were so good at figuring out things, we should be running the universe instead of God. But look at what our decisions have produced -- a mess. What we need is new management, not just to get God to do something for us.

Even if we were to get God to do what we think He should do for us, would it really fix our life?

For example, many people think getting a lot of money would solve every problem, but the facts show differently. Just look at the record of people who won the lottery. Some people think getting a spouse would fix everything, but don't think about how half the people who do get married then seek a divorce.

What you need is to let Jesus be Lord of your life. You need to learn of Him and follow His directions. You need to learn His ways. Your ways have gotten you in a mess. You need to change your ways so you can have a change in your life.

God has already done what He needs to do. Now we must learn how to receive His provision and walk in victory.

If you are on the road to destruction, why should God give you a new car and gas money to go down that road? Your decisions have produced wrecks in your life. What you need is a new driver. Let Jesus take the wheel.

You don't need to argue with Jesus or tell Him what to do. You just need to trust Him.

God knows more than you do, and loves you more than you love yourself. He desires the best for you. You can trust someone like that!

SAY THIS: Lord Jesus I trust You. Please take over management of my life.


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